Negative Gearing the Game Show!


How far do you want to go to own your home? How far? Maybe we’re not talking about distance here, maybe we’re talking about murder. But seriously we’re not talking about murder…. But we could be if that’s how far you want to go.

The housing industry is at an all time high in Australia so why is it staying that way and how do YOU the person who can’t even scrounge enough to buy your weekly dose of maxi-bonds hope to ever afford to own your quarter acre land that you were promised somewhere along the way? Come and find out with your impressive host Dayvid Harrizz for a spectacular TV night spectacular that just might have you scrabbling for money, smashing model houses and calling your parents for a loan.

Welcome to Negative Gearing the Game Show.

Presented at:

Small and Loud/Emerging Writers Festival - 2016


Creator/Performer: David Harris

Dramaturge: Tim Sneddon, Isabella Vadivaloo